Sunday, March 26, 2017

3D print Your Name Tag

  • Using Tinkercad or 123d Design on the iPad; use text to create a business card, or name tag with a frame or without. 
  • Include a ring to wear as a necklace. 
  1. name keychain

  2. luggage name tag 

. . .

Monday, January 2, 2017

Unplug Your Mouse & Draw with Wacom Touch Tablet

  • Continue your self portrait with Google Draw or Sketchbook Express. 
  • Add a background place from a picture you Google searached.
  • Safe your picture to your desktop or camera roll with your name.
  • Upload to Artsonia when you are finished and print in black and white and hand in.


Saturday, December 3, 2016

Intro to Coding in an Hour


Hour of Code tutorials

Hour of Code Landing Page

Hour of Drawing with Code

Hour of Drawing / Block (for iPads):


Monday, November 14, 2016

Google Drawings line Self-Portrait

  • Take a picture of yourself.
  • Open your Google account and go to Google Drawing
  • Import your photo of yourself into Google Drawing.
  • Using the Scribble drawing tool, trace yourself and then delete the photograph so just your line drawing is there.
  • Email to

Friday, October 14, 2016

Animation Person & Bouncing Ball Test

The Adventures of the of the Beachball midterm test from baldaufa on Vimeo.

animation test-500 points

  • Whether you are on the PC or the iPad you will take this animation test this week. Due Friday.

  • The first frame, the beach ball will start in the top left corner. If you are on the PC, get the thumb drive for the beach ball. If you are on the iPad go to your camera roll to get the beachball.

  • The last frame the beach ball will be in the top left corner

  • The beach ball needs to bounce, travel to different places, travel with different people. Show me what you know. Be creative.

  • Have your name hidden in your animation.

  • Fill out the worksheet and upload to Artsonia.

  • Save your animation on the portable hard drive and save it with your name. If you are on the iPad save the animation to the camera roll and email your animation to me.

***I am going to put all the animations together to make one animation.
The funniest animation will get a prize and the most creative will get a prize.
The class will judge the animations and vote on October 24th.
***Any animations not done correctly will not be included in the final class animation.




  1. Ball starts and ends in the top left corner -20-30 seconds. (50 points)
  2. Saved to portable hard drive with your name. (50 points)
  3. Includes a person.  (50 points)
  4. Your name hidden in the animation. (50 points)
  5. Unique, creative, funny, different, unusual - tells a short story (300 points)

Saturday, September 17, 2016

iPad Animation with Animation Desk and Garageband

Use your storyboard you made this last week to create a hand-drawn animation with Animation Desk on the iPad & Garageband. 

animation desk short animation

Create frame by frame animation:

work with layers, onion  screen,
Record audio and add to your animations
Unlimited color selection
Undo / redo, fill, cut and more
Share animations